How to Efficiently Pack a Suitcase: Best Packing Tips for Travel
Karlina Sbraccia

When we are going to travel one of the main problems always is: our suitcase.

We want to take so many things with us and once we end up filling it we realize it doesn’t close and we begin to question: what do we really need for our trip? Just to get everything out and start again from zero trying to get everything to fit this time, trying to find the best way to pack our suitcase. Like if we were part of a wild tetris game.

One of the worsts scenarios it’s that if you don’t know the best way to organize our things, the suitcase can have more weight than the expected and we end up taking something out or paying the extra price at the last minute.

Before we start unraveling the mysteries of packing I’ll give you two indispensable packing tips that you should know: make a packing list before you begin, check the list once it’s finished and finally weigh your suitcase to make sure it’s inside the limit.

Know the best way to pack a suitcase

It doesn’t work to just uncontrollably throw your clothes to your suitcase, or to push everything hoping it will fit, if you really want to be able to properly pack your baggage here you have some dubbing techniques.

Roll your clothes for packing

This is one the most recommended packing method. To roll your clothes you’ll have to pick the clothes you’ll take, put them on top of a smooth surface, and carefully start rolling them cylindrically until you reach the end.

This way packing not only helps you save space but it also helps your clothes to reduce the amount of wrinkles after the long trip.

You’ll have to place everything in your suitcase in such a way that the garments stay tide so they won’t unroll in the journey. This method isn’t the best for jackets or gala dresses, if you don’t want them to mistreat while they are packed away.

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One of the most used packing methods. It will save you a lot of space.

Use the military fold

This method works best with t-shirts.

You’ll have to take your t-shirt and extend it. Then you’ll have to fold both sleeves to the inside, take a portion of the inferior and bend it backwards.

Take both sides of the t-shirt and fold them to the center so they overlap, then you’ll start rolling cylindrically from the top to reach the end.

Due to the folded we did at the beginning there will be a lapel that you’ll see when you finish rolling, you’ll proceed to take the lap and flip it covering the t-shirt, like you were folding a pair of socks.

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Recommended for when you are packing your t-shirts.

Archive your clothes

In this way of packing you won’t have to roll, and you’ll see it as a plus because you’ll be able to identify all of your clothing.

Imagine that your garments are archives, and that your suitcase is a big archivist were you’ll be putting them. You’ll have to bend the clothing from forward to back carefully so you’ll then proceed to place them vertically one next to the other (or one on top of the other, depending on how your suitcase it’s arranged).

This method will allow you to distinguish the clothing you save in your suitcase. You need to pull a sweater rapidly? You’ll just have to open the content of our suitcase, visualize it and take it out, without having to make a mess of all your package.

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Did you know this is the actually way you should put your clothes in your baggage? I was shocked too!

Technique of the clown car

Do you know the iconic act were there’s a tiny car parked and suddenly a clown starts to come out, and another… and another and they keep coming out no matter how small the car is?

This folding method receives his name from this act due to how much it helps us save space, functioning better with shirts and pants, a fast way to save your clothes.

Open your suitcase, place the shirts one on top of the other without folding in a way that the sleeves remain outside, then place your pants previously folded by the middle on top of the shirts, and this time you’ll leave the inferior part of the legs to protrude.

Fold the part that protrudes on top of the other alternating them.

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Perfect for when you have too many jeans… Maybe I should stop going shopping ?

Use the method that works better for you, either it’s that you roll clothes for packing, or why not mix more than one? I for example use the military folding, and when I found a piece of clothing I can’t fold this way I roll it.

Don’t waste any space you can fill

One of the things that occupied more space are the shoes, but that’s a space that we aren’t really taking advantage of.

What can you do?

Take the small objects: hairpins, shades, watches, keys (oh god don’t leave your keys), or your socks and your underwear, and save them inside your footwear. You won’t only be protecting them but you’ll also be saving the space you thought you had lost, don’t forget to cover your shoes with a bag so the soles won’t get dirt on the rest of your belongings.

Take advantage of all the pockets the suitcase has, save your cosmetics, your accessories, your USB drives, don’t leave any place empty.

Know the measures and allowed weights of the airline you’ll be traveling with

Generally the allowed weight of the regular airlines is 50 pounds in national flies and of 70 pounds in international flies.

However, depending of the airline you’ll travel with this weight can shifts from a few more or less pounds, so make sure your research what is the allowed weight before you travel, so you won’t have any troubles with your suitcase. Also think about your hand luggage, it can also change according to the airline but generally the allowed weight is 22 pounds.

Another thing you should have into account are your suitcase measures, something to think about when you go to buy a new suitcase or hand luggage.  The maximum size allowed for your hand luggage is 22’’ x 17’’ x 9’’.

Some of the best packing tips

  • Use hermetic closer bags to save your make up products, your hair products and anything that could stain or be stained in the trip. These bags allowed you to close then hermetically how many times you want, so you can reuse them and have a quiet trip knowing that all of your belongings are safe.
  • Use them to store your electronic devices, cables and else.
  • If you want to completely avoid that your bottles spill, get a little of plastic wrap, remove the top, cover the top of the bottle with the plastic and place the top again. It will be impossible for any unwanted spill to occur.
  • Save the clothing you don’t want to stain backwards.
  • Another way to save even more space it’s to use vacuum bags to package, use them with the clothes you don’t mind that can be wrinkle, big garments like sweaters, or dirty clothes, they’ll work to get the air out of these garments and save you the space.
  • When you weight your suitcase think on the way back and the things you intend to buy in your destiny and bring back home.
  • Place your shoes at the bottom of your luggage.
  • This is a very important tip that many people don’t take into account: paying for extra baggage it’s cheaper if you do it online, this way you’ll be saving the sole expenses.
  • Identify your luggage in case it gets lost. Use marks you can identify from far away, like phosphorescent strips or striking stickers.


Do you have any more tips on how to pack your suitcase? Let us know in the comments! You can also share this post in your social media if any of this methods worked for you 😉

Karlina Sbraccia
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