The 8 Best Productivity Apps to Help You Organize Your Life and Time
Karlina Sbraccia

A good strategy to improve our work, focus our efforts and have a better manage of our time is the one of using external tools to help with our focus and increase our productivity.

We have in mind what we want to accomplish, but we need a little help. Many persons use the notes application their phone brings to write their appointments, their pending, but the truth is that they can turn a little bit messy. Or get lost in the crowd of notes.

The use of a productivity app could be the perfect solution, but of course, you must also put on your part, into have consistency and use these apps to help you.

They can help you to have a better manage of your time, reduce the insanity hours, impulse your productivity and to not lose your focused.

Here I leave you the 8 best productivity tools:


Pushbullet is an application that allows you to connect all of your devices so you can use them as they were one. You can connect your tablet, computer and smartphone without having to switch them constantly.

How does this application helps you?

A smartphone is a device that we constantly use in our day-to-day, for a lot of people something vital, but we don’t use only that device, we use others too.

With this app you can get text messages from your phone to your computer and answer them using the keyword, it allows you to see the notifications that appear in your phone without having to pull away of the monitor; you can talk with your friends in any of the devices that have the tool.

One of its best benefits is the data transfer. You can share links, images, videos or other type of file without having to use other means.

For persons who work with images it turns out a great solution when they need to send them, since it sends pictures full-size without losing the quality, and it’s a lot quicker than sending them via email.

Another one of its pluses is the universal copy, this function allows you to copy a text in one of your devices, whether is your android phone or your iPad, and by clicking on the universal copy option you can empty the copy content wherever you want.

Avalaible for iOS and android.


Strides is an application that helps you create and maintain habits and routines. You can have your habits, routines and goals together in a simple list and keep track of them.

You can choose if you want to keep track of good or bad habits, place deadlines to your goals, and at the contrary of any simple note application you can use, this one offers you notifications to help with your motivation and keep you on track.

With a simple and attracting design it’s an app that lets you have your goals organize and helps you to impulse your productivity.

Available only for iOS

Strides has a free version with which you can have up to seven goals/habits at a time, if you want to add more you’ll have to get Strides Plus, the paid version that also includes unlimited trackers, sync, back up and more great functions.


One of my favorites, it lets you have control of your habits, routines and goals; you can register them and follow them, add daily tasks and visualize the pending tasks you have.

It has a different design than strides since habitica’s motivator has a different approach.

It impulses you to keep going by turning your progress into a game.

The habits can be positive or negatives, if you accomplish your positive habits you gain experience and gold, however if you do any bad habit, or you stop doing a positive one, you’ll lose heath.

Daily tasks disappear when you mark them as completed, gaining while doing this gold and experience, the daily task that haven’t been completed by the end of the day makes you lose health. A to-do can be added or removed to the player’s preference, once it’s completed, the to-do disappears and you gain experience, and they go to the completed tasks section, at the contrary of the other options if the player doesn’t do it, it won’t lose health, but its value deteriorates at the passing of days.

Habitica grants you an avatar, and by crossing the tasks your avatar increases his level and unlocks new elements (armors, mascots, magic skills…), this productivity tool also has a social network that lets you communicate with other players, talking via chat or even solving missions with them.

It really is a dynamic and fun way to work in your productivity. If you want the best for our avatar you’ll have to accomplish all your goals.

Available for android and iOS, also available in its web version.

Block Site

A good way to improve our focused is to stay away of all of those things that easily distract us, Block Site more than an app is a Chrome’s extension, planned to block the websites that make us lose our time.

In the case that you want so badly to enter in blogs or social media, with this extension you’ll be able to block them for a determinate time and according to your specifications.

In the same way you can synchronize your devices to keep the pages block in all of them (you can only use this function with android).

Leave your bad habits aside (with a little help) so you can dedicate to the ones that really matter.

Maths Alarm Clock

This app was design for those persons that need the help of superior forces to get out of bed, in my case I have to put to three alarms just to wake up.

Math Alarm Clock is an alarm that asks you as its only requirement to turn it off that you have to solve a math problem. This way you won’t be thinking in delaying it or in turn it off, nor your asleep-self will be able to do it for you.

With an easy to use design it presents simple problems to solve, so you don’t have to worry about having to calculate logarithms at first thing in the morning.

It’s one of the best ways to start your day, and one of the best ways to make sure you’ll be awake.

Available for android and iOS.


The perfect app for the students, GoConqr specializes in offering you the best way of learning, it contains millions of resources like tabs, mental maps, slides, surveys and notes being able to organize them for subjects and topics, and letting you create your own.

You can store your knowledge and plan your study hours so you’ll keep up with an implementation plan. It also counts with the option to study offline.

One of its peculiar characteristics and what makes it one of the best team productivity apps is the community that offers. You can create Learning Groups and reach not just students but professors too, from anywhere in the world to consult them, debate about subjects and collaborate with them.

It has a free version available for iOS and android.

If you get a Premium account you’ll have complete access to the app. You can find the Premium versions by clicking on the links for android or iOS.


It allows you to save any kind of reading you find online so you’ll be able to read them any other time without needing to be connected to a net and from any of your devices.

If you are too busy in your everyday and you don’t have a time to rest and read your articles of interest there’s no problem, with pocket you’ll be able to save them: articles, news, sport content, magazine articles, stories, videos, receipts, web pages, instructions…

Pocket also presents an option that lets you listen to the text you saved, so you can let your eyes rest for a while, put your hands aside and just relax and listen to the content or you can exercise your mind while you do other tasks like working out or while you are in the kitchen.

It counts with a very good rating from the users that had downloaded it and you can customize it. Modify the size, font and background.

Available for iOS and android.


Evernote is an app that permits you to organize your personal information through notes. You can create voice notes, rearrange them and share them; store ideas, write down notes, create checklists, save websites, email addresses, schemes and videos.

It’s popularly known and recommended by many users.

It’s one of the best business productivity apps, it also counts with a business version in which stands out its share use, being accessible for all employees according to the profile they have; just think about it as your own personal office.

It comes with a free version and a premium version that offers unlimited notes storage, being able to add up to 1GB of new content per month.

It’s available for free on android and iOS. If you want to try its premium version you can click in the next link for android and here for iOS, you can also check their web version.

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