Morning Person vs Night Owl
Daniel Leo

We are all predisposed to a sleep patron created by our genes and our environment: school, family, job, habits, age…

And whether you don’t think yourself as a morning person or that you stay up all night, it’s not your thing, sometimes it escapes from our hands, like when we can’t sleep because of our family, work, before-bed-thoughts, or a sugar and caffeine overload or that those days when the routine of waking up at 6am to go to work or to school hunts us till Sunday when we can turn around our pillow and keep sleeping.

But, what’s really the best between the larks and the owls?

You are the one who makes that choice.

We see everywhere that becoming a morning person is the key to achieve success, what leaves that to the owls? It doesn’t sound very attractive for many people to fall sleep at 10pm, and being separated from their pillow at 6am.

It’s a fact that there are persons that simply work better at night hours, and others in the daylight; but the important thing is our sleep time, if we take into account that even if we go to bed at 9pm or at 3am we are going to sleep the hours that our body needs then each style is equally good, the larks and the owls have the same chances and neither of them defines your success.

How not to waste our time

1) Let’s break the belief that waking up early is the path to success. The path to success is to work the most and smartly, but our work doesn’t question if that extra effort is late in the evening or early in the morning, so as to Health, going to bed late isn’t directly harmful to our body, it is when we also have to wake up early, or at the contrary, when you sleep too much. Studies reflect the damage that having a few hours of sleep can provoke, but it has nothing wrong to sleep at 3am, as long as you rest at least 7 hours.

2) It is true that there’s a difference in the character of the persons that go to bed late and those who wake up early. The Attitude, having as a base recent studies, it’s much more positive, consistent and proactive in the morning, it’s easier to build discipline with a morning routine, after midnight it’s usually pure freedom, the ones who spend more time awake in the night are the creative type and by statistics, more clever but they also tend to waste their time more.

3) Finally, it’s all a matter of how to take advantage of the Time, when you have a lot of things to do in the day you can feel like you are running out of time and the moments you used to dedicate to the things you want the must it’s affected, so don’t waste it! It can be either early in the morning or very late in the nighttime, you can find the same period of time to focus in yourself and to be productive.

Don’t waste your time

Morning or evening, it doesn’t matter, this are the does and don’ts of what you should do if you want to take the most of your hours.

The awakening:

Going straight to the phone

Don’t do it! It’s the worst. You wake up, turn off the alarm, and you start to see the previous messages from the night before just to end up with Instagram sucking your life, we love Instagram but we leave it, at least, to after we have breakfast. Instead of doing that, when we wake up we should stretch since we’ve been laying for a long time and we should make the blood flow, we can search a couple of yoga poses to help us and if you can incorporate an exercise routine it would be great.

Drinking coffee

No one it’s going to take your cup of coffee, don’t worry. You just got to know that the first thing you should drink early in the morning is water, a lot of water, this helps to make the blood flow and it activates the function of the organs that are still asleep, then we have to take our breakfast, it’s more to say that it’s the more important meal of the day and we shouldn’t skip it (bonus tip: avoid sugars, pick fruits). After that, we can satisfy our necessity for a coffee.

Without a plan of action

You can’t make the most of your day if you don’t organize all the things that have to be done and it doesn’t make sense to your day if you start planning what you should have done. Besides if you just do things without a plan of action somehow you are going to forget something. Before you sleep, plan your right moves for the next day, so the only thing missing would be the execution.

Before sleep:

Bed’s distractions

t’s very comfortable to be in our beds and relax but we often go too far, scrolling on Instagram until it appears the notification that tells us that we are all caught up to makes us feel bad or watching YouTube videos until you end up in a compilation of kitties than are falling asleep when we are the ones who should go to bed. Instead of wasting our time we can set a reasonable schedule for social media, not just to limit the time we use them, but to also stop them from affecting our sleeping patron.


What are we doing? If we just prowl around at midnight without organization or results, we should stop and make the effort to change our mindset. Motivate yourself, search and learn about what keeps you inspire and focused. Now do it.

It’s more to say that we have to avoid heavy foods before sleep and avoid all candies.

So if you are a lark or a night owl you must focus in changing your bad habits to take the must advantage of your time.

And it wouldn’t be bad to try a little of both styles, the duality is an interesting concept, it’s about two opposite characters that coexist together to make the best of what they have to offer, avoid the extremes. That is what it’s about, to keep going in the ideal path to reach the lifestyle that we want to have or keep, either through two different habits like waking up early or sleeping late, it doesn’t matter if you are a lark or an owl the thing is in how you make the best of your time. Sometimes the inspiration comes at night and the energy to take action appears during the day, we just have to take care of our necessary REM sleep hours and to take the best of our time while the competition is sleeping.

We can plan all night, read, practice our skills, focus on our development to not waste our time, we can wake up early (whatever that means to you) and start to apply our strategy. In Jupiter’s we like to work when everyone is sleeping because that extra effort defines our goals and how we reach them.

Daniel Leo
I'm Daniel Leo, content creator at Jupiter's K. My passion is the creation of content in all its formats and my goal is to travel the world doing what I love with my favorite person, tell stories and share our experiences to demonstrate and teach others how to make money from anywhere on the planet.

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