How to stay focused and motivated to make your life easier
Karlina Sbraccia
It’s midnight, you go for your third coffee, pulling your hair constantly with your hands and you can’t stop looking at the clock, all the time you had you let it lose in distractions. Stressful, isn’t?

When you start working a problem that remains lurking is the constant loss of concentration at the moment to carry out tasks, you must meet a schedule, you must do the day-to-day goals, or you have to study for a test, but there’s not even one place where you can stay still and give your tasks the require attention.

¿How do you stay focused to make these tasks?

Select your work zone

Having a fixed place that you can use in your working hours is the first step you should follow to increase your concentration, try to make it as comfortable as possible because is where you’ll spend large amounts of hours. Adapt your work zone to your needs, keep it clean and organize, free of distractions.

Do your best to use it only to work, don’t turn it into a multi-use room, train your brain to know that once you are there it’s to keep you focused in what you have to do. And this way when you have to work, you’ll always have a place to turn to.

Leave aside your electronic devices

If you are one of those persons that are constantly distracted by the sound of their social media notifications or of their messages you must stay away from them for at least a little while, the time you need to fulfill your task.

There are apps to improve your productivity that allows you to block pages and applications during the time you need to work, so they won’t stand between your tasks and you.

If you draw away of all the things that easily distract you, that make you lose you focus, you’ll see how your concentration begins to increase in anything you propose to yourself.

Surround yourself with things that fill you with inspiration to start your projects

Try by reading books, browsing in magazines, or even by watching a movie that gives you inspiration. A good concentration technique is to keep close a list were you write down all of those things that fill you up with inspiration and that makes you feel motivated, so you can check it every time you need a push.

Create a to-do list

It’s always good to order your goals and prioritize them.

Create two lists, one where you write the bigger goals that you have to make and another where you’ll place the little goals; those will be the tasks that you’ll have to do every day to complete the list with the bigger goals, and each day make a list with what you’ll do in your daily activities, and turn that into a habit.

Think in the little goals list as your way to fulfill your bigger goals. Work every day, with little acts, little movements, and each time go bigger and bigger until you start to cross out your big goals list.

Put yourself the mission to cross out all of the boxes as completed, tracking them will help you organize your homework and it will make you feel accomplished every time you cross out one.

Start with the hard part

It’s shown that the more time is spent doing a job the bigger is the fatigue that accumulates, it doesn’t matter what type of work it’s, while the time passes you’ll be loosing strength.

That’s why it’s recommended to start with the hardest actions until you finish with the routine tasks, this is one of the best techniques to stay focused.

Take little breaks

You can’t work for hours and hours without losing your performance or feeling out of focus, so select little spaces to rest, take a pause, change the activity.

This way you’ll clear your mind and relax your body so you’ll get back to work with a clearer head.


Keep next to you a glass of water, little snacks to charge your energy, and all hands on deck! The most important thing is that you find your own rhythm and adapt this concentration techniques to the best way that works for you.


Karlina Sbraccia
Hi! I'm Karlina Sbraccia. In my working hours I write content and design web pages, while in my free time I relax listening to indie folk songs, reading a book or living new adventures. I create content in Jupiter's Kingdom because I want to help you become a digital nomad by sharing my dreams, experiences and the information that I have managed to collect over the years. See you 😉

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