How to Start Your Own Business without Leaving Your Work
Daniel Leo

Considering to leave your work, which generates you a safe and stable income, can be frightening and it makes sense, after all uncertainty is a natural fear, but if you are here reading this it means you want to leave the solid ground and learn to fly, here we’ll teach you how to do it.

At this point we should be determined to launch our project and there are only a few things that are trying to stop us, basically it can be summarized in capital, time or both.

So before moving on to an action plan to discover how to work on your dreams while collaborating with your boss’s dreams, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business without leaving your workplace:


  • Money: the main advantage of building your own business while maintaining a fixed salary is the security of a foundation that’ll keep you afloat at the beginning of a project whose success depends on many variables, some of them uncontrollable, and although I believe that everything is a matter of attitude, I keep this phrase of Warren Buffet very closely:

“Do not try the depth of the river with both feet.”

  • Experience: I think that when we leave our homes we come across sources of knowledge everywhere, we just have to have the mentality necessary to absorb all that information. Your current work may not be similar to what you want to do in your life but you should consider that you are in a business that already works, just open your eyes and learn how they sell, how they treat their customers, how they control the processes, what could be done better… or you can go after a work in a place that’s relevant to your business and learn how it is from within (offer the secrets of the millionaire mind).

“No matter what you do or where you are, there’s always something to learn”.


  • Time: let’s start with something that I think everyone has read or heard before: the day has 24 hours of which 8 we are working and another 8 we are sleeping, let’s say we spend 2 or 3 hours eating, in the bathroom or some other activity throughout the day, that still leaves us with 5 or 6 hours to focus on our future. It’s not easy, but nobody said it would be (except perhaps those motivating pages that paint another reality) we are exhausted and perhaps stressed. This is where our will shines.
  • Energy: we aren’t machines, it’s inevitable to be exhausted from the routine and not only at a physical level, I mean psychological fatigue, stress; sometimes we can’t avoid feeling frustrated, the trick is to regain control of our feelings before losing the reins.

In my opinion, there are more advantages than disadvantages in the idea of working and at the same time start a business, so let’s allay doubts and fears by attacking the main and perhaps only disadvantage, the little time and energy our work leaves us to dedicate ourselves fully into something more. It may doesnt let you do anything else than work and rest.

Unless you try twice as hard.

So here I leave the best ways to build a business without leaving your full time job.

How do you start your own business?

  • Create a complete plan

The first step of any project is to sketch the idea on paper, answer a lot of questions that help us define what we want to do and what we want to achieve with it. Why do we do it? Where do we want to go? We must answer all those questions to have a clear basis of who we are and what we want, we must be able to define our project, our vision of it and the goals we want to achieve.

  • Save

Learn how to manage your money, learn to be aware of your unnecessary expenses and to save for your future, take advantage of having a fixed income while looking for stability in a newborn business. My advice is that you save at least 10% of your monthly income (the more the better) in a special fund that you’ll use later to invest in your project and turn this into a habit.

  • Organize your day

This point is essential to make the most of the little time we have to develop our idea, there are no excuses, just lack of inspiration, organize your day the night before, those 5 or 6 free hours we spoken before must be deeply programmed, for this we must have in mind something that we love here in JKingdom; the 80/20 rule.

Put real goals, achievable, day by day and you’ll see how you get closer to the day when you can leave your job with confidence to put your full dedication to the project you’ve been working so hard. Keep in mind that if it takes time for someone that dedicates its entire time to it, is logical that you doing in it in your free time might take you the double, so do not be discouraged, stay focused and don’t lose your motivation.

  • Take advantage of every free moment

This is one of the best ways to take advantage of our limited time and where we demonstrate our dedication, unless your work requires the total concentration of all your senses you’ll always have throughout the day some time you could occupy with your business, we also have our lunch, eat faster or eat and work on your own things! Take the break but don’t rest 😉

And if you work in an office you have the biggest advantage, don’t waste your time! Do research, find resources, develop your idea.

  • Get support

Lean on someone who has the answers to your doubts, relate to people who can help you on your path, if you don’t know something just ask your friend of the department in charge, I bet the sales manager can teach you by firsthand a trick or two that will save you time and incomes. And not only people, lean on resources, the company’s internet, office spaces, the first posts of this blog were written in my former cubicle and I had the advantage of having a boss who answered my questions without any problem.

This takes us to our last tip.

  • Team up

This is a fundamental part of life, and also of businesses. The bigger your aspirations, the more help you’ll need, find partners that share your vision and your passion, and the best thing is that you can try to find them outside of work, extra hands that can do what you can’t do while you are working, or someone who has a different schedule, relate, lean on, as a friend said: a leader must learn to delegate.

Develop a successful attitude and don’t say you lack time, start now and don’t stop until you can write your resignation letter without remorse and dedicate only to your own goals, the effort will always be rewarded, sooner or later.

What do you think about this? What are you currently doing to fulfill your goals? Tell us your story! It may help to inspire other people who want to start their projects but are trapped in their jobs.

Daniel Leo
I'm Daniel Leo, content creator at Jupiter's K. My passion is the creation of content in all its formats and my goal is to travel the world doing what I love with my favorite person, tell stories and share our experiences to demonstrate and teach others how to make money from anywhere on the planet.

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