How to Build Self-Discipline
Daniel Leo

Discipline means to establish actions or attitudes that in first instance should be unbreakable to achieve a goal.

Starting this way you must be already wanting to run, why is it so hard to be disciplined? The most likely is because it requires more than a minimum effort and that’s enough to chase away our minds that basically just want to conserve energy to make use of it in a dangerous situation, some primitive need, however, fortunately we no longer have to flee from saber-toothed tigers.

In the end the discipline isn’t particularly difficult but it’s not going to be easy to be discipline or to stay that way, and if you are here it’s because you want to increase your self-discipline or at least you are drawn to by the idea, so before you run away from it, give it a look of how it can help you.

Benefits of self-discipline

Reinforces your will

Your willpower works like a shield to protect you from the unnecessary and harmful things of the day to day and also gives you the necessary energies to do more than you could at first, in fact it’s magical. Why not reinforce a magical ability?

Fills everything in your life

Self-discipline once set in motion it spreads in everything you want to do, so if you commit to get up early and you achieve it, you’ll realize that creating other habits has suddenly become easier. It’s a skill that once learned will be present in all the areas of your life.

Increases your value

It feels good to feel good and few things make you feel better than doing something of value, achieving a goal, achieving a dream. There are things that we could not accomplish without self-discipline and that makes us a better version of us.

It makes you successful

The discipline is intrinsically linked to personal improvement, it’s a positive force that only leads to success, just try it and you’ll see for yourself. Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to grow professionally? Do you want to start your own business? You must be disciplined to achieve it, inspiration without conviction leaves your dreams without head or tail.

Don’t worry. We are not going to be robots without feelings, cold and square-minded, the goal of this post is to develop a moderately disciplined attitude that allows us to achieve our goals without leaving aside the small pleasures of life, although we should put aside a momentary pleasure to achieve something more valuable. But, where to start?

Follow these 3 simple steps to teach yourself discipline

  1. Define what you want and concentrate on it.
  2. Define the steps you’ll take to achieve it.
  3. Motivate yourself and be positive, find what gives you the necessary strength to achieve your goal.

This way you’ll know what you want to do, how you are going to do it and what you’ll do when you don’t feel like doing it, and if you ask yourself, how can I not want to fulfill my goal? Well just imagine that your goal is to be healthier, to do it you must exercise or take green smoothies, it’s inevitable to think about giving up when the alarm that announces the beginning of your exercise routine sounds at 7 am.

IMPORTANT: to be self-disciplined you have to be consistent and to be consistent you have to have energy, so rest, have free time, sleep as necessary.

Ways to master your self-discipline

Do it when you least feel like doing it

(This for a normal person means first hour of the day).

Why? Just think about it, if you have the strength to do it when you don’t want to, it will be a piece of cake later, since the feeling of victory will be as great as the effort required.

Start calm

Don’t propose yourself impossible goals that you’ll end up falling behind, the point is to build an attitude that teaches you the value of consistent progress.

Follow the rules

If you decided to run 3 miles at 8 am, do exactly that, don’t convince yourself with arguments like: “I will run 4 miles but at 10 am or I will run at 7 am but only 4 kilometers”. You don’t bargain with discipline, you putted yourself the rules, respect them.

Reward yourself

Every effort deserves to be recognized, every small step completed successfully adds a trophy, an extra rest, time to do a hobby or to watch a series, whatever may please you, you’ve earned it and that becomes into motivation to keep going.

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Spoil yourself a little! (Image: Kira Au Der Heide on Unsplash)


Building a disciplined attitude requires commitment, self-discipline is a skill that must be practiced and here we’ll learn how.

Strategies on how to build self-discipline

Date your tasks

Choose a date, a start time and a deadline for your tasks, the target is to create a mindset focused on starting a task not on doing the task itself, that will make you disciplined, avoiding thoughts like “I can do that task later”. Even if you can do it before, remember to respect your rules.

The consistent practice

People with more responsibilities than discipline usually find themselves in situations where they do a couple of things a day, then nothing the next day and they do what’s left all rush in the last day. Organize yourself to practice consistency, “divide and conquer”, put a specific schedule per day for each task.

Keep a record

Keep track of your achievements, it’ll give you visual satisfaction to see the days marked with success and remember not to worry if you fail one day, it’s normal, breathe, take a break and start again.

I personally use apps to build habits, consistency, to keep my self-disciplinated and also to keep track of my achievements, you can find some of them here.

Wake up at the same time

I believe that when thinking in someone disciplined the first thing that comes to our minds is someone waking up early. Practice waking up at the same time, a useful and positive time (sorry, waking up at 12 pm isn’t useful) practicing this is practicing the self-discipline in essence.

Finally, to get the most out of our effort, we have prepared these tips to be disciplined and stay that way.

Erase all distractions

We live in a world that wants us pretty, chubby and entertained, another reason why the discipline requires so much effort. Erase anything that could interrupt you, forget the phone while you carry out your tasks, forget the networks while you are working in the computer, erase any distraction.

If you want to know how to stay focused, this post might help you.

Edit a habit

This is a very powerful weapon. If you have a neutral habit, like making coffee every day when you wake up, to that habit that you might not even notice that you applied every day you can add a positive action, and unite them, in a way that one cannot exist without the other, like listening to a podcast of the subject you’re passionate about, for example.

Every time you prepare coffee you’ll automatically feel the need to reproduce your podcast, it’s a much easier way to build discipline.

Indulge yourself

Reinforce your attitude in a positive way by doing something you like, keep in mind that it shouldn’t go against your goals, meaning that if your goal is to lose weight, I’m sorry but giving yourself the pleasure of a greasy pizza and a coke isn’t a positive reinforcement, if your goal is to be more disciplined your reward can’t be skipping your homework for a week or something like that.

Find your inspiration

Find your light in the dark, not only the reason why you started, but the reason why you will not give up, a movie, a phrase, maybe a song that provokes that sensation that restores all the energies of your body when a few moments ago you were exhausted, finding that source of power is invaluable.

Daniel Leo
I'm Daniel Leo, content creator at Jupiter's K. My passion is the creation of content in all its formats and my goal is to travel the world doing what I love with my favorite person, tell stories and share our experiences to demonstrate and teach others how to make money from anywhere on the planet.

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