We are from Jupiter and maybe, you are too.

We created this website to share with you amazing experiences, useful skills and worth info that will help you build the balance you need to create a lifestyle you’ll really love to live.

Our lives are made from the decisions we take and we know that the key to trust them is to keep the best mindset and make it grow.

That’s why we made this blog, to support people and create value around a community that wants the same things as us: travel the world, meet good people, help others, learn new things, explore new places, build a healthy mind, succeed in their lives and find the best versions of themselves.

We focus on wise travelling, developing new skills and improving good habits. We know there’s no perfection, we can fail sometimes, we can get upset or we can have moments of anxiety, but is for those same reasons we also want to help you overcome it.

Jupiter’s Kingdom is about leading our lives to the top. We understand it can sometimes be messy and chaotic, that’s why we’ll keep you inspire and we’ll walk into the storm with you in this unique journey.

We find inspiration in the things we love

This is a place for dreamers, travelers, digital nomads and adventurers. Find all the inspiration you need to make your dreams come true.

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